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I served in the U.S Navy for 12 years and during my time, I noticed that there's a gap within the beauty sector for military women. Beauty standards within the military are not always clear and can vary from person to person depending on who you ask. I believe no matter your profession, every women should look and feel her absolute best in her work environment. However, some women simply don’t understand the huge scale of nude or flesh tone polish that compliments "your" skin-tone. That's where Camouflaged Polish come into play, we provide a range of nude shades to compliment all shades of beauty. 

Why Camouflaged Polish? Why Not?

Honestly, many nail salons don’t offer the best selection of nude nail polish and it kills me to look through the same shades over and over again trying to the find the perfect color for me. We embrace all shades of beauty to ensure you have the perfect nude gel polish color for you. I want you to look and feel good, put-together, sleek, and most importantly confident while at work. Oh, by the way I've created some traditional polishes as well if you need a pop of color for the weekend.

Thank You

Whether you are a DIY type of girl such as myself or you love taking trips to the nail salon. Let Camouflaged Polish take some stress away and help you find the perfect color. Thank you so much for supporting and believing in my brand and vision.