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Prep and style your nails with our double-grit nail file set.

An absolute essential in every nail-care kit, these files help you maintain your dreamy nails the way you like them. Featuring a coarser 100 grit on one side, it trims down the length of your natural or acrylic nails, evens out imperfections, and smooths the edges of your nail. The finer 180 grit on the other side lets you style and shape your nails as a part of your manicure or before nail polish.

Perfect for natural nails and acrylic nails
Leaves no colored residue on your nails
Includes a set of 4 100/180 grit files


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Monica M.

They’re very sturdy and I love them

Shurri H.
Awesome files!

As someone who runs through files like Starbucks drinks (aka daily honey), these are some of the best files I’ve purchased! The contour of the file makes it easy to hold, and the board itself is nice and firm, no flimsy file here! Great job!